About Us

The Instromet brand of weather monitoring equipment was originally founded in 1985, known as R & D Instromet, and was based in Broadstairs, Kent. The Company remained there until the original founder sold it in order to retire from work. So in 2004, the Company was relocated to its current Norfolk home in North Walsham and was amalgamated into the Novomec Group. Whilst being part of the Novomec Group, the Company was purely known as Instromet Ltd. In 2010, the Novomec Group was disbanded due to another retirement sale, and the Company became independent once more and has now become Instromet Weather Systems Ltd.


The company all through its existence has produced weather monitoring equipment for both domestic and commercial applications. These products have ranged from actual analogue display weather stations, to industrial standard wind sensors, and not least PC based systems for data logging and web based weather monitoring applications.

With nearly thirty years of manufacturing weather monitoring equipment, Instromet's customer base is both quite wide and varied ranging from countless domestic users, to universities, sailing clubs, golf clubs, water boards, police forces, airports, gas terminals, wind turbines, and many many more.

Weather station

Unlike many other weather monitoring product manufactures, we pride ourselves on listening to our customers and will always endeavour to either source the appropriate equipment or even tailor our own to suit the needs of the individual customer. This way of thinking and versatility has seen many products listed on our web site come into general release based upon what we have been asked for.

So please take the time to browse our web site and the products listed and remember if you require something you don't see here, please ask and we will see if we can help.

Below is an example of an 'Ultra Pro' branded weather station, produced by R & D Electronics from around 2000.

Weather station