Atmos L Weather Stations

The Instromet Atmos LT weather station display front view.
The Instromet Atmos Lt weather station

Atmos L & LT weather station display overview

A weather station display with distinct styling and finish; the Instromet Atmos L series weather system. This is the next step up from the N series. Still with the ability to show wind speed and direction, temperature and rainfall, it expands on these with the inclusion of a barometer.

The Atmos L model weather station is able to display the features as listed below:

  • Wind speed (selectable from MPH, MPS, KPH)
  • Wind direction via 8 compass point lights
  • Barometric pressure.

The Atmos LT; an Atmos L with the addition of an Instromet MWD (Multi Weather Display). The MWD fitted to the Atmos LT has the ability to display

  • Temperature (C/F switchable with Min/Max function)
  • Rainfall (mm/inc selectable, and accumulated display)
  • As well as time and date for reference.

The Atmos L model is sold as a complete system. Supplied with a display, junction box with plug in power supply unit as well as an Instromet basic wind sensor.

The Atmos LT model is also sold as a complete system. Supplied with a display, junction box with plug in power supply unit and an Instromet wind/temp sensor.

For an extended sensing range, a rainfall sensor can also be used with the LT model. Rain Sensor information

Screen detail on the Instromet Atmos Lt weather station.
Atmos LT wind speed indicator

Atmos L & LT Weather Station Technical Specification


  • Wind Direction: L & LT 8 x Light Emitting Diodes (LED)
  • Wind Speed: Analogue pointer indicator calibrated scale 0 – 90 mph, 0 – 80 knots and 1 – 12 Beaufort scale, accuracy ± 7.5 %.
  • Gust Speed: reset pointer for maximum readings.
  • Temperature:LT model only – Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) scale in °C or °F selectable by push-button on display case side. Range: -40°C to + 50°C (-40°F to + 120°F) resolution 0.1°C.
  • Display Case: 305 mm long x 180 mm high x 60 mm deep.
  • Material: Sapele natural wood.
  • Finish: Sapele wood acid catalyst lacquer with natural glass window front.
  • Scales: Black on white background.
  • Sensors: Basic wind speed and direction for mast mounting 30 – 50 mm diameter.
  • Cable: 6 x 7/0.2 T.C unscreened pvc/pvc -25 metres.
  • Junction box and plug-in power supply unit – supplied.
The printed display screen for the Instromet Atmos Lt weather station.
Atmos LT weather station screen

Mounting kits available:

  • 1 metre mast #480 1000 094
  • 2 metre mast #480 1000 096
  • Tile and wall clamp #480 1000 097
Instromet Atmos Lt weather station.
The Atmos LT display

Customers testimonial

Many thanks – very well built and well received – Tom K

I think your device is an excellent piece of electronics and as there don’t seem to be any other devices on the market to compete with it – John B

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