Humidity Sensor

Humidity sensor overview

Our humidity sensor is an upgrade to the wet and dry sensor. This sensor display a percentage reading of the humidity levels. For use with the Climatica, Executive as well as the MetPlus weather stations to measure relative air humidity. The sensor is covered with a Stevenson screen styled louvred enclosure. Designed to keep direct sunlight from making contact with the humidity probe. This also allows free circulation of airflow.

Also designed for used with the legacy Climatica ranges of weather station in conjunction with the data logger S. (Please note that only the data logger S will display a reading from this sensor).

Humidity sensor mounting

The sensor comes complete with 25 metres of cable as well as a mast mounting 55 mm opening U bolt.

Installation Instructions

This unit can be wall or mast mounted. It should be fitted where there is free movement of air. Keep away from heater and ventilation outlets. Also keep away from chimneys, warm walls and flat roofs, which may radiate heat during sunny periods. The length of the cable affects the calibration and therefore should not, if possible, be shortened or lengthened.


Measurement range: 0 – 98% RH
Typical Accuracy at +20 °C (+68°F)
0 – 90% RH ±3% RH
90 – 98% RH ±5% RH
Stability ±2% RH over 2 years
Environmental operating temperature -10 °C +60 °C

Humidity probe.
Humidity probe part no. 480 1000 041/01.
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