Executive Weather Station (EWS)

Executive Weather Station overview

Our top of the range weather station.
Executive weather station display

This automatic weather station which has a magnificent presents. The flagship model in our range of weather station. Housed in a solid hardwood cabinet and then expertly framed with a high polished stainless-steel bezel. The bezel gives the weather display a real eye catching standout look. This undoubtedly is Instromet’s most visually striking as well as impressive weather station.

The Instromet Executive weather station has a wide range of weather monitoring functions. Wind speed and direction as well as barometric pressure are all displayed on a dial display. A Multi Weather Display (MWD) shows the temperature also rain, sun and humidity data. The Executive connects to all Instromet sensors and is also expandable with our data logger.

The Executive automatic weather station also has a Multi Weather Display (MWD). This has auto sensor detection technology with the ability to display any Instromet sensors. The station initially displays the temperature sensor outputs on the MWD. Add a rainfall sensor to the station and this sensors data will instantly appear on the MWD display. Attach additional Instromet weather sensors and these will also appear on the display. For a complete list of the MWD’s functionality please click the following link MWD Information

Close up view of the multi weather display.
The Instromet Executive weather station multi weather display

The display cabinet wood types and wind speed units can be selected when ordering. Please ask for further custom options.

Executive Weather Station junction box

The Executive weather station display is supplied with a junction box. This gives a connecting interface for the sensors. This junction box also houses the data logger (PC interface) which can be purchased separately.

A connection box between the outdoor weather sensors and the indoor weather display.
Instromet Executive weather station junction box

Sensor options available:

Technical Specification


  • Wind Speed: (MPH) and Direction. Analogue pointer calibrated scale 0 – 90 mph, 0 – 80 knots and 1 – 12 Beaufort scale, accuracy ±5%.
  • Wind Direction: Analogue 8 point scale, subdivided in to 30° points. Electronically damped, accuracy ±10° Resolution >10°. Threshold 3 Knots, 3.5 MPH – damping delay 2-3 seconds.
  • Instromet “Multi Weather Display”: for more details click MWD Information
  • Display case: 686 mm long x 342 mm high x 70 mm deep.
  • Material: Sapele hardwood finish.
  • Finish: wood finish acid acrylic lacquer natural, PETG window front.
  • Scales: Black on white background.
  • Sensors: The system is supplied as standard with an Instromet wind/temp sensor (480 1000 045/01). All sensors from the Instromet range can also be used with the EWS. Sensors are suitable for mast mounting 30 – 50 mm diameter.
  • Cable: Display cable 4 x 7/0.2 T.C unscreened pvc/pvc-5 metres.
  • Junction box as well as plug-in power unit – supplied.
Wind direction, barometer & wind speed screen.
Executive weather station screen

Optional extra.

Data logger part no. 480 1000 148 to connect your EWS to a PC.

Mounting kits available:

  • 1 metre mast #480 1000 094
  • 2 metre mast #480 1000 096
  • Tile and wall clamp #480 1000 097
Instromet Executive automatic weather station with weather parameters shown on the weather display panel.
Instromet Executive automatic weather station

Customers testimonial

Thank you again for this wonderful weather station – Thierry R

Your weather stations are superb. The best – Peter B

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