weather temperature sensor

Weather temperature sensor

Standalone temperature sensor overview

The Instromet standalone weather temperature sensor / display shows both inside as well as outdoor temperatures. There are two display options, switchable between either Centigrade or Fahrenheit. There is also minimum and maximum temperatures available on both screens. The weather temperature sensor runs from a single AAA battery. The unit comes complete with a display and outdoor screened temperature probe.

weather temperature sensor
Instromet standalone temperature sensor.

Temperature system applications

There are many other useful ways of using this device other than for indoor and outdoor temperature measurements. The screened probe can be located in greenhouses, out buildings, cold storage areas, etc to remotely monitor. The temperature can then be observed from an adjacent home or office. These can be used in climate controlled areas where access can effect the temperature and remote monitoring is an advantage.

Technical Specification

Display Units – Centigrade C° or Fahrenheit F°  

Accuracy: ±1° Centigrade
Materials: Sensor assemblies uses stainless steel and injection moulded polypropylene. Cable length: 25 metres as standard (additional cables available on request up to 100 metres).
Power supply: 12 V DC output.

Mounting kits: Aluminium masts of 1 ½” diameter:

  • 1 metre mast # 480 1000 103
  • 2 metre mast # 480 1000 096
  • Roof/slate mounted mast kit for non-chimney dwellings # 480 1000 097

Standalone weather temperature sensor data sheet

The standalone temperature system details, set up and user guide.

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