Standalone Rainfall Sensor

The Instromet standalone rain sensor
Instromet Standalone rain sensor Part Number: 480 1000 186.

Rainfall sensor with display overview

Our rainfall sensor systems record and displays daily rainfall and accumulated rainfall.  The rain gauge system comes complete with a rainfall sensor, 25 metres of sensor cable. Also includes a 12 V DC adaptor and wall display.

Other LCD display features/functions include, time/date and mm or inch rainfall total selection. Either a 9 A.M. or midnight reset of current rainfall total (please specify preferred reset when ordering).

The display also has an ‘AUX’ output for connection to an external data logger. This outputs the sensor 5 V dc pulse every time rainfall is counted.

Another feature of the display is that it can be mounted on a DIN rail. This allows secure and easy wall mounting as well as quick removal.

Rain sensor display options

Instromet standalone rain sensor LCD display
Instromet standalone rain LCD display.

A back-lit OLED display can be fitted in place of the standard LCD one. This makes the display a little more visible at distance and can be seen in the dark. This display does however come with an extra 30mA current draw. So be aware is using in a battery powered application.

 Instromet standalone rain sensor OLED display
Instromet standalone rain OLED display.

Instromet standalone rain sensor details, setup and users guide.

What our customers said

I like the overall design. It looks solid, purposeful and well built, an object you would expect to last you some considerable time. N Felstead

The device was very easy to install and set up and I am very pleased with it. A. Norbury

Rainfall Sensor Datalogger

In addition to our standalone systems, we make a purpose built data logger which uses its own dedicated software.

Instromet standalone rain sensor data logger.

Rain sensor spares and optional extras

Replacement filter kits (4 gauze filters and 8 mesh filters) Part number: 480 1000 080A .
Pole mounting bracket for rain sensor above part number: 480 1000 109
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