Climatica Weather Station & EWS

Data Logger


Currently the datalogger for the 2012 Climatica and EWS models is only available without the Met4Net software until the latest version is completed.

This being the case we are able to supply it with a copy of its RS232 protocols for users whom like to produce their own dedicated weather monitoring software.

Alternatievly we are now pleased to announce that the generic weather monitoring software Cumulus produced by SandaySoft has now been modified to communicate with Instromet's newest generation of Datalogger (as shown above) for use with the Climatica and EWS models of weather station. The version available for download is currently still in Beta while under going detailed testing by Sandaysoft, Prodata, and of course ourselves. For further details click the following link: Cumulus V1.9.4 Beta

The datalogger when purchased just purely "slots" into the sensor box behind the existing sensor box PCB. Once in position the Datalogger PCB just purely "plug" in to the other PCB via the four way connector.

Although the Datalogger comes with an RS232 output as standard options are available for using it via USB. These options are listed below:

  • USB Module - part number : 480 0000 150
  • RS232 to USB adaptor cable - part number : 489 0000 150

USB Module

rs232 to usb cable

As the Weather stations are supplied with a mechanical barometer, the following "Electronic" barometer is available for use with the datalogger. This PCB mounts directly to the rear of the sensor PCB and supplies the datalogger with the barometric pressure reading.

Barometer PCB

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