PC Based Weather Station


The Metplus weather station is a weather monitoring package put togther purely for use with the PC, although this can be expanded at any time with either a Climatica or Executive weather station display. (contact us directly for a display only price)

Currently while we await our new version of Met4Net to be ready, the MetPlus system can be supplied with a complete list of communication protocols for developers to write their own software.

Alternatively the below third party pieces of software now support MetPlus:

The Freeware software "Cumulus" courtesy of Sandaysoft.Visit Sandaysoft...
To get people started using the MetPlus with Cumulus, John Dann at Prodata (Prodata) has kindly produced a instruction leaflet for using the two together:
Using Cumulus with Metplus.....


For MAC users, Weathercat software by Trixology.Visit Trixology...

The supplied hardware, as standard, is the Metplus control box with 12V ACA and an Instromet wind/temperature sensor inc 25m of cable. The standard PC connection for the unit is via a 5m RS232 cable.


Although the Metplus comes with an RS232 output as standard, options are available for using it via USB. These options are listed below:
  • USB Module - part number : 480 0000 150
  • RS232 to USB adaptor cable - part number : 489 0000 150

Please be aware that these USB connections only simulate a virtual com port and not true plug and play USB.

USB Module

rs232 to usb cable

Also the Electronic Instromet barometric pressure sensor can also be used with the Metplus system. This PCB mounts directly to the rear of the sensor PCB and supplies the Metplus with the barometric pressure reading.

Barometer PCB

More Information...

Expanding the unit is quite simple. Just connect any of the below "spare" sensors to the control box and it will automatically start to log their data:

Sensor options available: