Stand Alone Wind Speed Monitor

The Instromet Wind Speed monitor is an ideal solution for simply monitoring wind speed. It simply comes supplied with an outdoor sensor (inc 25m of cable) and wall display (inc 12v dc power adaptor).

Wind speed monitor

The wall display is capaable of displaying three parameters, which are:

  • Real time wind speed
  • Max Gust received
  • Average wind speed
  • Note: Gust and Average readouts are derived from last display manual reset action.

    The display has selectable units, between mph / kph / mps

    The wall display can either be mounted via the four corner screw holes or it can be DIN rail mounted.

    Wind Sensor - Roof-mounted wind speed sensor with mounting clamp for easy installation on masts with a diameter of 25 – 50mm.

    Instromet Wind speed sensor

    UK Part Numbers:

  • 357 1000 011
  • Technical Specification:

    Accuracy: ±5% or 3 Knots
    Materials: Sensor assemblies utilise anodised aluminium alloy, stainless steel, nylon, injection moulded polypropylene anemometer cups. Cable length: 25m as standard (additional cables available on request up to 100m).
    Power supply: 12V DC output.
    Mounting kits: Aluminium masts of 1½" diameter:
    Mast 480 1000 103 (1 metre)
    Mast 480 1000 096 (2 metres)
    Roof/slate mounted mast kit for non-chimney dwellings Part No 480 1000 097

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