Mast Kit and Tile and Wall Clamp

Weather sensor installation solutions

The mast kits and tile & wall clamps are an ideal method of secured Instromet sensors into a high vantage point. This will give you a secure and efficient weather sensor installation. The mast kits include a wall bracket, aluminium tubing with joining piece coupler and fixings. It is possible to mount a full set of sensors on the shorter 1 metre mast. We recommend mounting the rain and the wet & dry sensors where they can be easily reached for routine maintenance.

Tile and wall clamp – Wall & tile brackets with mast with fixings – these are also suitable for roof mounting.

Other applications

The Instromet mast kits and tile along with wall clamps can also be used for other applications. These can be used for television aerials, radio & DAB aerials as well as for CCTV cameras and web cameras. They can also be used for satellite dishes and spot & flood lights.

Mast kit specifications & part numbers

  • 1 metre mast – Ø 38 mm x 914 mm in two sections #480 1000 094
  • 2 metre mast – Ø 38 mm x 1828 mm in four sections #480 1000 096
  • Tile and wall clamp – 400 mm x 470 mm with 30 mm diameter x 300 mm long mast #480 1000 097
The Instromet 2 metre mast kit for weather station installation.
The Instromet 2 metre mast kit
The Instromet weather sensor mounting Tile clamp.

Weather sensor options available

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