Stand Alone Sun and Rain sensor Datalogger

Our Stand Alone Sun and Rain sensor systems can be expanded upon with the addition of our dedicated dataloggers. These loggers work alongside the aformentioned stand alone products to give the user historical sensor data via a Windows PC.


This logger has been kept simple and comes supplied with a 12v DC power supply (aux power input avail) and a 1m 2 core cable for connecting to our stand alone products. Also supplied is an RS232 cable for connecting to a Windows PC serial input.

Two variations of logger are available, one for the stand alone sun sensor and one for the stand alone rainfall sensor. Part numbers for each are listed below:

  • Sun logger: 480 1000 197
  • Rain logger: 480 1000 196
  • The Sun or Rain logs are stored on an internal 2mb flash chip capable of storing 32768 entries.

    Logger software

    In order to get the most out of our loggers, we have dedicated software which can be downloaded and installed from the below link:

  • Logger software: Download here....
  • The software needs to be activated with the code supplied with the logger. This code also tells the software which version to install (Sun or Rain).

    Software features include:

  • Comprehensive communication / operation setup screen with online update.
  • Auto or manual data download facility.
  • Data report screens relevant to each sensor type (sun or rain) which are period selectable.
  • The ability to add location detail to reports.
  • Built in help page for each screen.
  • Instromet sun logger report

    Further features and functionality are likely to be added from time to time to the software and will be available via an online update, which the software will check upon start up.

    Add ons

    As an expansion to the above loggers, we are able to offer an RS232 to USB convertor for anyone using a Windows PC or laptop without a serial input.

    RS232 to USB cable

  • RS232 to USB adaptor cable - part number : 489 0000 150
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